Yiduo— Establishing the Industry Ecology



The good sales results of Miaoguangyuan Residential Zone project paved a solid foundation for the continuous development of the company. 

The first project of the company——Miaoguangyuan Residential Zone began its construction. 

Wuxi Yiduo House Construction and Development Co., Ltd. was established. 





The construction of Wuxi Rehabilitation Activity Center for the Disabled commenced, which was funded by the company in support of the rehabilitation of the disabled people. 


It established the diversification growth strategy and its largest catering business——the International Hotel——was grandly opened. 


It was successfully transformed into a private-owned enterprise through ownership reform and renamed as Wuxi Yiduo Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 


 It was recognized as Model Unit of Wuxi (1998-1999). 


It was awarded as "Excellent Enterprise" by Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and Wuxi Municipal Government. 


 It was re-elected as Model Unit of Wuxi (2001-2002) 

The company was renamed as Wuxi Yiduo Investment and Development (Group) Ltd. as its growth continued. 

It acquired Golden Horse (Jiangsu) Real Estate Co., Ltd., a foreign-funded enterprise, and changed its name to Golden Horse Real Estate Co., Ltd after restructuring. It also purchased Wuxi Golden Horse Estate Management Co., Ltd. 


Xuzhou Tiancheng Chloralkali Co., Ltd. , its investment project laid its foundation stone. 

It acquired Jiangsu Tianhong Chemical Co., Ltd. 


The company came to a new stage of development, as it achieved the fastest growth with the highest number of development projects ever in history in 2005. Its development projects included Golden Horse International Garden, Golden Horse Building, Golden Horse Shopping Center, Venice Garden Phase II, Youzu Union Mansion, yielding good economic benefits. It was again ranked into Jiangsu's top 50 real estate enterprises of 2004 with three indexes among the top ten across Jiangsu province. 

Yiduo Group developed Shanghai Yuyuan Residence for sale, thus brought its development projects into an international metropolis. 

Yiduo Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded. 


Xuzhou Tiancheng Chloralkali Co., Ltd. project was completed and put into production. 

The Cambodia International Industrial Park Taihu Company was established under its investment. 

The company was ranked into Jiangsu's top 50 real estate enterprises for three consecutive years. 


It made donations to build Bashi Golden Horse Kindergarten. 

It signed the Golden Horse Warm Heart Foundation Charity Donation Agreement with Wuxi Charity Federation. 

Mr. Xie Jubao was elected as a member of the 10th Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Jiangsu Province. 


Wuxi Wuxing Garden Real Estate Co., Ltd. received the certificate of the Excellent Enterprise with Greater Tax Payment Increase.

IWuxi Renheshanshui Real Estate Co., Ltd. was set up with its corporate address at the 17th floor, No.88, Renmin Middle Road. Its legal representative is Mr. Xie Jubao. Its business scope includes real estate development and operation, brokerage, estate management, decoration and ornamentation service. 

Wuxi Shanshuirenhe Real Estate Co., Ltd. was established to develop Yixing Dongjiu NO.1 estate. 

In positive response to the “6699 Action” launched by Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to protect the Taihu Lake and water resources, Jiangsu Tianhong Chemical took the initiative to shut down all carbamide, compound fertilizer and synthetic ammonia lines in an attempt to assume more social responsibilities. 

Yixing Longbeishan Real Estate Co., Ltd. developed the villa at No.6 Taodu Road, Yixing. 


Wuxi Wuxing Garden Real Estate Co., Ltd. was awarded as Excellent Enterprise with Greater Tax Payment Increase in the year of 2008. 

The group issued documents stating that its Golden Horse Warm Heart Foundation would be directed towards the preparation for the elderly care home at Chunfeng Village, Xibei Town, Xishan District. 

Our Chairman Mr. Xie Jubao was honored as a Honorable Figure with Remarkable Contribution to China. 

The group registered its trademark as Yiduo Group. 

It signed school-enterprise cooperation agreement with Wuxi Furen High School and Wuxi Private Furen Middle School. 

It was awarded as the Outstanding Unit of Industrial Transfer.

Jiangsu Golden Horse Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was ranked into Jiangsu's top 50 real estate enterprises in terms of comprehensive strength in the year of 2008. 

Chairman Mr. Xie Jubao showed up in the TV show "Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Topics" ran by Jiangsu Education TV Station. 


Jiangsu Golden Horse Real Estate Co., Ltd. was promoted to Top Class qualification as a developer. 

Heilongjiang Beifang Golden Horse Real Estate Development Co., Ltd was officially founded. 

"Academician's Corporate Workstation in Jiangsu Province" was set up in Xuzhou Fengcheng Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. 

Jiangsu Golden Horse was ranked into Jiangsu's top 50 real estate enterprises in terms of its comprehensive strength. 


Golden Horse·Xiangjiang Garden project received the accreditation for national AA demonstration residential community. 

Fengcheng Salt Chemical held a grand ceremony of ignition and bolier drying. 

Fengcheng Salt Chemical put the Hou’s manufacturing line with an annual capacity of 500,000 tonnes into trial production. 

Fengcheng Salt Chemical successfully completed its first trial production of the 500,000-tonne annual capacity project and produced light soda ash. 

Golden Horse Estate Management was honored as "Excellent Property Management Service Enterprise of the Province” in 2011. 

Golden Horse Estate Management was recognized as one of the top 10 enterprises in terms of its comprehensive strength in 2011 among Wuxi's estate management service enterprises. 


Wuxi Golden Horse Estate Management was ranked by  Jiangsu Real Estate Association into Jiangsu's Top 50 enterprises in terms of its comprehensive strength in estate management service.  

The first party committee of Fengcheng Salt Chemical was established. 


U.S. Wuxi Chamber of Commerce was established and Mr. Xie Jubao was elected as the first President. 

“Choose Wuxi”(New York) Modern Service Industry Investment Briefing was held, which was also the unveiling ceremony of the US Wuxi Chamber of Commerce. 

Heilongjiang Beifangxiangjiang Real Estate Co., Ltd. was awarded as Best Real Estate Development Enterprise in Qiqiha'er. 

Golden Horse·Xiangjiang Garden II Yuyuan held its ground-breaking ceremony. 


The Holiday Inn - Financial District New York project officially completed its construction and was open for business. 


Jiangsu Tianhong Chemical signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Xiqu Gas and Thermoelectricity Group associated with Wuxi Public Utilities Industrial Group Co., Ltd. 

Mr. Xie Jubao was re-elected as President during the general election of the 2nd Council of U.S. Wuxi Chamber of Commerce. 

Golden Seahorse launched its Boston-based hotel project in the USA. 

Lingyun Xie, Executive Director of Yiduo Group, set “Lingyun Faculty Fellowship” in order to commend outstanding teachers with excellent teaching performance in Jiangsu Xishan Senior High School.

Lingyun Xie, Executive Director of Yiduo Group and General Manager of Xuzhou Fengcheng Salt & Chemical Co., Ltd. was selected to be Delegate to the 16th People’s Congress of Xuzhou City.

Yiduo Group was honorably granted with “Advanced Party Organization” and Ms. Lingyun Xie, Secretary of General Party Branch of Yiduo Group, was conferred on the title “Outstanding Member of Communist Party of China”.


Wuxi International Hotel was honorably granted with the title “Famous New Year Eve’s Dinner Restaurant in Wuxi”.

Xuzhou Fengcheng Salt & Chemical Co., Ltd. was given 2017 Enterprise Tax Contribution Award in  Xuzhou City Feng County Economic Development Zone.

Wuxi EDU Mall Educational Training Center Co., Ltd. was appraised to be Vice Chairman Entity of Educational Training Industry Association.

Wuxi International Hotel was conferred on “Most Popular Hotel” of Ctrip.

Wuxi International Hotel Cougar Buffet was listed as “Selected Restaurant of the Year” on the Ctrip Gourmet List.

Wuxi International Hotel was presented with 2018 Most Environmental-Friendly Hotel Award of Ctrip Public Praise List.


Lingyun Xie, Executive Director of Yiduo Group, was appraised to be “Excellent Private Entrepreneur in Xuzhou City”.

Wuxi International Hotel won the bidding of the fixed-supplier hotel for Party and Government Offices.

Wuxi Chamber of Commerce in America was appraised to be 2018 “Excellent Chamber of Commerce” of Wuxi Confederation of Trade Unions.

Lingyun Xie, Executive Director of Yiduo Group, was granted with “May 1st Female Model in Wuxi City”.

Xuzhou Fengcheng Salt & Chemical Co., Ltd. won the honor of Xuzhou City Feng County “2018 Top 10 Taxation Enterprises of Manufacturer Industry”.

The commendation conference in honor of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of the catering industry in Wuxi was sponsored by Wuxi City Culinary and Food Industry Association. Wuxi International Hotel was appraised as “Entity with Outstanding Contribution” and 2018-2019 “Best Popularity Award” of Wuxi Most Popular Hotel for Annual Meeting. Besides, two workers of the hotel are conferred on “Excellent Craftsman Award”.